Explore the Attractions of Metro cities of Australia

Australia has the best cities with lot of attractions which are all rich in from all the diverse grounds like the historical, cultural heritage and natural setting. It has gained fame all over the world and this is what has made majority of the tourists flock there year in year out.  Among the country's tourist attractions cities include the following;


This is famously known for the establishment of the first European settlement. Moreover, it is the country's biggest city harboring up to 4.4 million people. Besides, it is built at the country's ultimate spectacular Harbor that has been reshaped and molded since its first settlement by the early Europeans.
A Sydney is again known for harboring the country's major attraction which is the Sydney's Opera House. It receives most tourists from both local and international grounds. There is also the Harbor Bridge and the natural Harbor that divides the city into two i.e. the Northern and the Southern part. There are numerous ferries that carry commuters across the two regions beautiful to watch and indulge in furthermore, the city also features a number of suburbs that stretch across the various parts of the city. Ideally, you won't get bored with the kind of live in this particular town.

Brisbane, Australia

This is the capital of the Queensland and a gateway to the major playgrounds of Sunshine and Gold coasts. Major international events do take place at these particular places. Currently, the city holds a population about 1.94 million featuring a large population of students from local and international grounds who come to this place to enjoy the excellent educational facilities offered in this place. The prevailing weather in this city is warm and favorable for retirees and tourist looking for a perfect relaxation spot.


This is the capital of Victoria and a second biggest city in Australia with a population of 3.89 million. It hosts a number of old Victorian buildings lined with boulevards, gardens and parks. Since the time of Second World War, Melbourne has received thousands of immigrants a factor that has transformed the city's cultural setting into what it is currently. Melbourne is currently a multicultural city blended with variety of sports, wineries, arts and food. It combines new state buildings with the millennium old buildings.

Perth, Australia

This receives lot of sunshine of all the other parts of Australia. Its history claims that this city was established in 1829 with the name of Swan River Settlement. It hosts the finest buildings in Australia including the Perth Town Hall.

Adelaide, Australia

Has a splendid rural setting and is surrounded with a number of churches with several civic squares. Surrounding the city center are the Parkland and the Metropolitan area and the Ranges of Mount Lofty. It has a rich agricultural setting that puts it ahead in the production of both wool and wheat.


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Scott archer! I agree with you. Australian cities are really offering a lot of attraction places for visitors. I have visited the Sydney city before my american east coast tourswith my friends. We saw Sydney and Surrounds; there lots of natural beauty. It has most attraction such as Sydeny Opera House, The Powerhouse Museum, and Sydney Aquarium. Its beaches are also most attractive.


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