How to Create a Travel Plan

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You‘ve been saving for a vacation for a long time and now it’s finally time to set the plan in motion but before you pack your bags and jump in that plain you need to plan your stay. A vacation that is poorly planned will only cause you stress and prevent you from having a good time, so it’s time to do some serious planning.

Research Thoroughly

When you decide on your location the first thing you should do is investigate every aspect of it thoroughly. Ask your friends if they’ve been there to get advice first hand, but also go online to see the local attractions and keep digging for hidden treasures. Look up the climate of the area to know what to expect and what to pack. If you’re not informed about the state of their country, browse through the news to get an idea. It’s also important to think about safety; organ and human trafficking are still a big problem in many countries and you should take proper precautions since tourists are often victims. Go online and find out which areas should be avoided and at what times.

Make a list

Before you visit you should make and organise a few lists. Write down everything you want to visit and see if time allows you to do so. There is a big possibility that you physically or financially won’t be able to see everything, so prioritise your lists and be sure to have a route figured out, as well. Also, include information about address, prices and times they are open. For example, putting everything down in a promotional compendium saved me a lot of headaches, because I could look up anything regardless of my internet connection.

Plan and Book Early

The best way to save money when you travel is to start planning on time. When you book airplane tickets and hotel stays early you ensure you get the best deals; you can choose where you will sit, your room and get a discount because you were an early bird. Another good tip when you look at airplane tickets online is to clear you cookies and website history before your purchase. When you look for tickets on different websites they will raise their prices and by deleting the evidence you will get the original price.

Look at the Law

It’s also important to study up on your rights as a visitor. If you payed for insurance and get sick on your trip look up the procedure and what you have to do when you get to the hospital. Also, check out the law a bit too. For example, in Japan 90% of any felony charge rests on whether you admit to have committed the act, so never sign anything they give you without a trusted translator.

Being well-prepared goes a long way, because you will save money, manage your time efficiently and be prepared for any unpleasant surprises. By being properly prepared you can meet Murphy’s’ law head on without any worries.

How to Create a Travel Plan

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