Shade cloth printing – the new media for advertising

Whenever you are watching a sporting event - athletics, baseball, rugby, soccer, football, hockey, cricket or any other sporting activities in a stadium, you have to confront with a long line of horizontal advertisement strips that often from the perimeter of the playing arena. When you are passing beside a construction site, your eye catches the advertisement mounted on a metallic frame that is displayed by the realtors to attract prospective buyers. The advertising material that has been used in both cases is known as shade cloth or banner mesh that has been digitally printed using the latest technology. This kind of advertising has gained enormous popularity as it is cheap and durable and being light weight can be mounted easily in all kinds of settings that give it enormous flexibility and reach.

Printed Shade Cloth

Reacting quickly to market needs is the driving force in advertising and this is well served by printed shade cloth that can be printed very fast and designed and developed to meet all personal needs of advertisers. This fabric has turned out to be a high impact but low cost advertising media that finds widespread application across all kinds of business segments. The process of printing is so fast that mass advertisements are produced at a very fast pace. Flexibility of size gives wide opportunities to advertisers who are able to squeeze into the smallest spaces yet make themselves highly visible due to superior quality of printing and presentation.
Features of shade cloth

Printed shade cloth is made from HDPE (70%) with air flow allowance of 30%. It comes in standard rolls of 50 meters with width of 1.8 meters. The cloth is UV stabilized so that it can withstand the strains of outdoor exposure and inks used are also similarly stabilized so that the images are long lasting and the colors don’t fade under sunlight. A 10 year warranty against UV degradation is usually offered for all kinds of shade cloth.
Types of shade cloth

There are many types of shade cloth that you can choose from depending on the type of application and your budget. Grades start from 30% and are available in 50%, 80% and 90%, with gradual increase in the thickness of the fabric. 30% corresponds to 90 gsm thickness that is meant for light duty while the others are all heavy duty with respective thicknesses of 196 gsm, 306 gsm and 200 gsm. The durability of shade cloth depends on its thickness.
Printing on shade cloth

Digital printing technology is used for printing shade cloth that uses UV stabilized inks for all kinds of printing. While long life to the images and color is ensured by inks, as it can fight the harmful UV rays of sunlight, this dominantly outdoor advertising media uses special technology that prevents scratching off from the printed surface.

The wind factor is an important consideration in selection of the type of shade cloth. However, wind is allowed to pass through the cloth in varying degrees to prevent tearing which is essential for displaying advertisements for extended period

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