Exploring Unique Thac Bo Cave in Thung Nai

The sacred space and magical stalactites make Thac Bo cave become an interesting destination for travelers who are interested in exploring in Thung Nai travel itinerary in this season.

The entrance to Thac Bo cave

From Hanoi, heading west towards National Highway No. 6, passing Hoa Binh city center over 20 km Hoa Binh in the direction of Binh Thanh port, tourists will reach Thac Bo Cave. Located on Bung hamlet, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac District, the cave is situated n Ngoc wharf in north side of Chua mountain beside Hoa Binh lake. Not only is the cave associated with the Bo temple relic worshipping the Princess of the Forest who helped King Le Loi to pacify the Northern enemy, but Thac Bo is also the shelter to avoid bad weather of many merchants on Da River. Therefore, Thac Bo cave has long attracted pilgrims to worship and go sightseeing.

Thac Bo Cave is divided into three sections, in addition to the inner with blocks of stalactites, there are also sitting area for visitors, and a Buddhist shrine at the altitude of about 50m. This dome area is quite wide and cool. Apart from the huge Buddha, the Bodhisattva Kuan-yin altars, and the altars of the gods ruling this region, there is also Uncle Ho altar which are always full of scent of fresh flowers and incense in the cave.

The Budda worshipping section in Thac Bo cave
Entering the cave, exploring the diverse stalactites formed by the dregs of water drop stagnating in thousands of years, we could see that the creativity of the nature mother is endless.

The stalactites in Thac Bo cave

Visiting the cave, visitors will encounter the strange and quite lively shapes. You can delightedly admire and imagine different shapes of stalactites like a carp turning into a dragon, golden tree, silver tree, sky umbrella, sky parasols, Lithophone, Muong gong set… the stalactites are extremely diverse, some blocks rise from the floor, some swoop down from above.

Coming to Thac Bo cave , you can also visit some nearby tourist attractions like Thac Bo Princess temple, Trach stream, Windmills island and motel, Bo market held on Sunday mornings, Ngoi Hoa village and cave, fish cages in the lake ... or visit Giang Mo Muong village, Hoa Binh hydroelectric dam ...

The windmill near Thac Ba cave

Thac Bo Temple is located on the top of Hang Than hill, Pho Bo hamlet, Da Bac district. From the wharf, visitors have to climb up more than 100 steps, then follow a gentle slope to reach this temple. The temple consists of 3 compartments, the roof is made of reinforced concrete and is designed as an arch and the façade of the temple is in shape of letter “丁. Currently, this relic still preserve a bronze bell casted in February, 6th year of King Thanh Thai’s reign.

Thac Bo Princess Temple
Thac Bo Temple festival is held on 7th January in lunar calendar and lasts until the end of the lunar March. However, since December, it is crowded of people flocking to worship and pilgrimage; therefore, the wharfs are full of boats.

In Thac Bo, tourists should not forget to enjoy the especially delicious taste of Da river grilled luce, and the mountain specialties like chicken steamed with lemongrass, Muong pork roasted with honey presented on a banana leaf, boiled bamboo shoots, upland rice, medlar wine, forest vegetables...

Additionally, visitors can stay at Mu, Ngoi Hoa villages or try the homestay tourist form in stilt houses of the Muong Thang on Dua (Coconut) Island to stay here.

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