Best Water Parks in Dubai

Dubai is an exhilarating family entertaining destination, conjuring the most extraordinary attractions out of its hat. Be it beaches, fine dining, thrilling attractions, gardens and adventures, Dubai makes sure that its visitors get what they want and satisfy their high expectations. Being urbanized on a desert land do has its disadvantages of having some of the hottest days, yet it has worked out ways to keep its visitors enjoying their stay in the city. The best way to escape the desert heat of the city is in one of its splendid water theme parks. A superb place for endless fun with thrill for all ages, Dubai is home to two magnificent water parks, each unique and providing its share of enthralling swimming pools, towering water slides, splash lagoons and adrenaline rushing rides, some of which are one of a kind in the world. Come and enjoy nonstop adventure that waits for you and your family at Dubai Water Theme parks.

1. Wild Wadi Water Park

The very first water park to be launched in Dubai, the location of Wild Wadi Water Park is just splendid – right at the Jumeirah beach, adjoining the stunning Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The park is jam packed with fun rides and family-friendly activities that will keep you and the kids occupied for hours.

Rides and attractions: The Theme Park is based on Arabian folklore of Sindbad and Juha and has around 12 acres of land covered with pure aqua fun and has over 30 thrilling rides and splashy attractions to enjoy. You can test your courage for excitement on Jumeirah Sceirah slide where you stand at a height of 32 meters and the ground beneath your feet just collapses dropping you down onto a vertical waterslide. Plunge, tumble, twist and swirl down the roller coasters on the Master Blasters- a range of roller coaster rides each with its own unique level of thrill. Try surfing on giant waves at Wipeout and Riptid for an ultimate surfing experience. Glide through twisted, spiralling water gushing slides into pools on Burj Surj. Have splashing fun with your kids at Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon which consists of over 100 water activities including racing slides and water guns. Need to get away from the adventurous ride, enjoy a relaxing ride on Juha’s Journey lazy river. The park also has a dedicated space for toddlers – Breakers Bay, the largest pool wave in Middle East where even toddlers can splash around to their delight. If you wish to take a break from the rides and just relax, opt for one of the Wadi cabanas – which is a private seating tent with sun loungers located right along Juha’s Journey Lazy River that also gives you an easy access to white water wadi.

Food & dining experience: The choice of dining is equally delightful as the park. With a variety of food selection like yummy burgers, grilled hot kebabs, freshly made pizzas, salads, fruit ice creams, smoothies, and an entirely separate choices for kids to enjoy, everyone in your family can have a gala time relishing to their heart’s content. Julshan’s Burgers and Dogs and Juha's Family Kitchen are Wild Wadi water park’s two main restaurants serving some of the best burgers, sandwiches and shawarmas. Ali's BBQ, Riptide Pizza, Leila's Fruits and Snacks and Shahbandar's Cafe are the other food outlets that provides with lip-smacking snacks and delicacies.

2. Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Water Park is Dubai’s yet another response to its ambitious vision of being best in all aspects. Slated as the best water park in Middle East, this water wonderland blows out the other water parks out of competition. Build on a mega scale, the grandeur of this water park matches with the extent of thrill it generates. Set in Atlantis the Palm hotel on the Dubai Palm, your enticing adventure starts as soon as you step on this enchanting park. The exhilarating destination of fun offers numerous waterslides and one of a kind water rides. The expansive theme park is famous for its rides that have set new standards for thrill and is also known for its attractions – the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dolphin Bay and Dive Atlantis, all of which makes it an all round family destination.

Rides & attractions: The thrill never stops at this theme park. A world of exciting and record breaking rides await for you including the Aquaconda - the world’s largest waterslide and the heart stopping Leap of Faith and Poseidon’s Revenge slides which are experiences you will never forget. The theme park also has kid’s splash areas and unique adventure activities like cownose ray feeding sessions and shark safaris. Want to explore more? Head to the Lost Chambers Aquarium – designed on the mythical lost city of Atlantis and has on exhibit more than 60000 aquatic creatures – a great way to discover and explore the marine wonderland for all ages. Get up close encounters with the amazing marine life with snorkelling experiences in the aquarium , swim around with the dolphins and sea lions at Atlantis Dolphin Bay and Sea Lion Point, or you can even sign up for a certified diving course at Dive Atlantis.

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Food and dining experience: The water park offers around 16 different restaurants with a wide selection of cuisine. Shark Bites is the fine family restaurant with simple variety of meals from pizzas to traditional Arabic cuisine. Head to the Barracudas for a sumptuous treats at different food joints such as delicious burgers at TBJ and tasty dosas at The Dosa Factory. Waves is a splendid place for a delicious snack in relaxed outdoor settings. If you crave for ice creams and cold beverages, visit the Lagoon to refresh your taste buds. At Snapper, you can enjoy variety of coffees, teas and cakes. You can also enjoy quick tasty bites at many food kiosks that are propped all around the water parks and relish some snacks such as parathas, popcorn, fruit smoothies and ice cream. With the widest selection of unparalleled attractions and activities to indulge in, these water parks are an exciting way to spend an entire day in the park, enjoying the rides and the food - in all a complete fun filled destination where your entire family can enjoy together.


The Summer heat is up and the water parks are almost getting cooler and cooler with the amazing huge crowd of people, Dubai seems to have a such huge water parks with amazing activities. Will be heading in the coming weeks to Dubai with my kids these water parks seems to be a really fantastic, thanks for sharing. :-)


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