Visit top 5 tourist attractions in India

When touring India it might be hard to know the exact areas that you should visit. Having a small insight on some of the main tourist attractions in India will help you simplify the whole process of selection. Make a decision on the area you want to visit by considering your interests. The main areas that you should ensure that you visit during your trip are:

1. Kanha National Park- most people visit India with the hope of seeing a tiger. The Kanha national park is actually one of the areas that you will be able to see the tiger. Having one of the best wildlife reserves in Asia, all your expectations will be met with a visit to the area.

2. Ranthambore National Park- the best part about visiting this national park is the amazing wildlife safari. You get a chance to see various wildlife animals from beasts to birds. The national park is actually highly advisable for couples that are on their honeymoon. The captivating safaris and amazing hotels will surely build your marriage. This national park is actually included in most traveling packages. You should use the expedia discount coupons for hotels to get the hotel booking at discounted rates.

3. Sur pass- for the tourists who are looking for adventure, this is one of the areas that one should ensure that they visit. The treks along the beautiful mountainous area will take your breath away. The name originated from a frozen lake in the area. You should ensure that you visit the lake while you are still in the area. It is the best destination for friends and even at some couples.

4. Khardung La Pass- most people have actually heard about this pass mainly due to the fact that it is believed to be among the largest motorable pass in the world. Most people actually prefer to get the adventure and thrill of the pass by cycling. The pass is around 40 kilometers. This is what makes adventure seekers choose this place as one of their destinations. The best way to enjoy your time there is by actually opting for bicycle riding and road trips. The captivating view as you ride your bike is what some people enjoy while touring the area.

5. Dudhsagar Falls- located in Goa, the falls will change what you think about Goa once you visit the area. Most people actually think that Goa is just about sand and an exciting nightlife but Dudhsagar falls change this perspective. Dudhsagar is a tiered falls located just close to the capital city of Panaji. This allows the place to be easily accessible and you also get a chance to travel to other great places in Goa. The best way to visit this area is opting for yatra discount coupons for domestic flights in order to simplify as well as reduce the travel budget.

These are some great examples of some of the tourist attractions in India. One of the simplest ways of making the trip affordable as well as fun is by opting for travel packages.

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