What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane

Vientiane capital is located in Vientiane special urban area. In the past, Vientiane was located on the territory of Vientiane province, but in 1989, the area was divided into two: the province of Vientiane and the special urban area of Vientiane. 

Vientiane is not noisy and hustle but peaceful and close. Anyone coming here will find the harmony and the peace in their hearts because everything exists calmly, does not jostle or exclude each other; therefore, visitors can easily get the feeling that the life here is full, perfect and prosperous.
What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane
Vientiane is not noisy but peaceful and close
Have breakfast with croissants

To welcome the morning in Vientiane, you can eat a croissant and drink a cup of espresso coffee at Le Croissant d'Or on Nokeo Khoummane road and see the scenery of Vientiane city. Only with a croissant, you have enough energy to begin the journey to explore Vientiane.

Cycle to the temples and towers

When the air is still cool, you just rent a bike for about $ 4.8 a day from the guesthouse or hotel, or take the tuk-tuk and go straight to Pha That Luang, the church tower and temple unique architecture of Laos, located 4 km from the city center to the northeast. According to legend, the tower has preserved relics, a hairpiece and a lot of jewels, of the Buddha. Pha That Luang is the world's cultural heritage, the national symbol of Laos, and is printed on the country's paper money. Tickets to visit this landscape is 5,000 kip per person (approximately 13,000 VND).
What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane
Cycling to Pha That Luang, the symbol of Laos, is an interesting experience
On the way to leave, you can look at Patuxay “triumphal arches”. Patuxay is about 55 meters high, has four faces, five tower floors and two extra floors. This is the pride of the people of Laos, which is modeled on the architecture of Paris triumphal arches but retains distinctive character of Buddhist influence. To climb Patuxay, you'll have to pay 3,000 kip (approximately 8,000 VND).
What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane
Patuxay monument
Drink nohm coffee

Locals often drink traditional coffee sold in the motorbikes parked on the sidewalk. Milled from robusta coffee seed mixed with some milk, the taste of nohm coffee of Laos is so strong that you can not drink a spoon. It either makes you wince and push out or makes you fascinated and can not forget in your life.
What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane
Nohm coffee is sold in the motorbike parked on the sidewalk in Vientiane
Try Lao food or Vietnamese food

At noon, you can choose to eat food of Laos or Vietnam. If you prefer Vietnamese food, you can go to Vietnam PVO restaurant located on Simeaung road, the restaurant serves famous delicious dishes in the city. A meal for two people would cost around 30,000 kip (about 80,000 VND).

And if you want to enjoy the food of Laos, you can dine in Makphet, a restaurant of a nongovernmental organization of the city, where children are trained and later became staffs are the restaurant. Many Lao delicacies are served here, especially Larb, the dish made from milled pork salad, coriander, chili sauce, mint leaves.. or the beverages like hibiscus flower tea with lemon juice.
What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane
Larb, a traditional dish of Laos
Go shopping in the afternoon

If you want to buy the costumes of your taste, you should go to Couler d'Asie where gathers lots of fashion stores. Or you can go along the Chao Anouvong park near Mekong River, where you'll find stalls selling handicrafts, clothing or other items.

Drink Lao beer and see the sunset

As the sun begins to set, you can come to Baw Pennyoung bar to watch the sunset. This is the best location to watch the sun. Remember to order a chilled bottle of Beer Lao with the price of about kip 15,000 (40,000 VND), sip your beer and look toward Mekong River..
What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane
Sunset over Mekong river
Dinner in Lao Kitchen

This is one of the favorite places that serve delicious traditional dishes of visitors to Laos. Coming to Lao Kitchen on Hengboun road, you can enjoy Laotian sausages, casserole or grilled fish. Apart from Lao Kitchen, you can also visit Vieng Savanh to eat pasta with sausage and peanuts.

What to Do during One Day in the City of Vientiane

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