Hyderabad to Shirdi - A Trail Beyond Spiritual Pilgrimage

Without an indication of uncertainty, the primary fascination in the town of Shirdi is it being the home blessed Sai Baba, the considerable Hindu holy person. Shirdi is a residential community in the Ahmednagar region of Maharashtra living in close vicinity with significant urban communities like Mumbai and Pune. Maharashtra plays home to some other unmistakable journey locales, however Shirdi is the champion with regards to the quantity of group it figures out how to accumulate particularly amid the celebrations that go ahead in the Sai Baba temple. Shirdi is visited by people from all over and especially more from Hyderabad. They arrive in the Hyderabad to Shirdi taxi and frequently visit for their pilgrimage and also to take part in the festive celebrations. The Sai Baba temple in Shirdi is one of the wealthiest temples in the world.

​On the off chance that you are searching for a calm occasion to Shirdi, abstain from going amid the months of September-November. The festive season is at its top amid this time and individuals from all over arrive in several thousands and lakhs with barely enough space to stroll around in the lanes particularly in the temple region. There is not a tranquil spot in the entire town and the bustling movement will test your patience to the point you begin discovering your vacation unpleasant. On the off chance that you visit amid the off seasons, aside from going by the temple you can likewise investigate the entire town and visit places where the colossal holy person spent stayed, rested or the spots he would spend contemplating and meditating.

On the off chance that you visit amid the festive seasons when the celebrations are going on a full on roll, you will see the whole town clamouring with people in each nook and corner. People stand in the long queues outside the temple with the offerings in their hand, waiting for hours and hours just to get a glimpse and be in the presence of the temple of Baba. The queue outside the temple begins before dawn.

Shirdi is approachable by car from all sides. It lies just about 200 km from Pune and Mumbai and is very close to Nashik, which is another popular Hindu pilgrimage site. There are abundant bus and taxi facilities that makes travel very easy for devotees and visitors alike. Getting a taxi to Shirdi from one of the cities in Maharashtra is as easy as booking a Ghaziabad to Meerut cab, a travel from one of UP’s most important city, introducing the state to its visitors coming in through the national capital.

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