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Whether it is college, office, shopping, get-together or meeting, without dissolving kilometers, we cannot reach at the prime venue. Though buses are frequently seen plying over the roads, they don’t come on time and are full of crowds as well. Taxies are still there, but maximum of them refuses to go and remaining online cabs are too costly to bear on a daily basis. The remaining option is an Auto, a cute and cozy 3 wheeler which is the perfect vehicle to cover short as well as long distances. But autos have never ending lines and once a while they vanish from the road leaving you in a mess. Jugnoo, an online auto app solves all the commuting problems over auto and makes the ride smooth and comfortable.

A brief lime light over birth and formation of Jugnoo

The entire concept of this app based intra-city auto service was drafted and materialized by some IITians on November 2014. These ingenious IITians, took reference from online cab services and lighted the candle of a mini organization called Jugnoo, which provides app based booking and auto service. Right now the Jugnoo three wheelers are navigating peoples over the streets of Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Gurgaon but they are planning to bring many more metropolitan cities within their reach.

Why choose Jugnoo?

Just in-front of your main gate: You can get an auto right at your doorsteps just via a single click of your finger and with little help from GPS. The doorstep availability is very crucial as taxies sometime fail to navigate their heavy wheels inside some narrow by-lanes. A Jugnoo auto with its 3 nimble wheels can quickly land up to your meandering colony road and give you a comfortable ride.

Affordable tariff rate: Autos are like mini taxis with open corners. These miniature versions consume less energy and hence demand less fare per kilometer when compared with a taxi. As such you save handful of money via travelling by a Jugnoo auto.

Easy Payment Options: Payments are usually taken over hard cash on the basis of the fare tariff displayed in the Jugnoo app on your mobile screen. If you are not a cash person and prefer cards then you can maintain a Jugnoo account known as Jugnoo Cash. When you reach your preferred destination, Jugnoo team will send you an invoice over your mail and the said amount will be deducted from your Jugnoo cash account. So, now no need of carrying cash in your wallet. Just fill your Jugnoo cash and enjoy the ride. You may also get some Jugnoo coupons above certain amount of credit.

Instant refunds: If the money deducted from your Jugnoo account is not matching with your invoice figure then you needn’t to worry as Jugnoo officials will refund your money back to Jugnoo cash within a certain period of time.

Hands on Discounts: Jugnoo also furnishes some lucrative discounts to their dedicated passengers as well as to their fresher passengers. These discounts come in the form of The codes are personalised, like the range of discounts varies from person to person and are sent over mail, the ID through which you have registered under Jugnoo.

So, stop counting huge money over those costly cab rides, just download this mini app (1GB) and be a firefly (Jugnoo) over the streets of your city and enjoy cheap, agile ride using Jugnoo autos.

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