Best Places to know before traveling to Dubai for the first time

Vacation is the time when excitement touches the sky. And when the chosen location is Dubai, the enthusiasm is twofold. The best thing about visiting this city is that you will never ever feel alien. The streets, hotels, and the whole tourist places are brimming with people from all over the world. You will see and meet outsiders more than the locals. The city has rather become a home to various cultures and international cuisine. It offers everything to satiate your eyes, hunger, senses, and the mind and welcomes one and all. If this is the first time you are traveling to Dubai, you must know these best places to make your vacation unforgettable.

Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR)
The best way to enjoy a city is by taking a leisurely stroll. Take the street that leads to JBR for a lunch or breakfast. The various cafes by the beach are a good way to start your day in the city. The walk will help you introduced to the city's weather as well. Watch closely the scenic view of the beach while sipping your coffee. If you can brace the heat, then go for a sunbathing. But better if you keep this program after getting acclimatized to the heat.

Wander the Souks of Dubai
Forget the swanky malls and walk down the busy street market called as a 'Souk,' which is a derivative of the term 'market' in Arabic language. Shopping at the street market has its own charm. You will enjoy strolling down the aisle surrounded by colorful stalls oozing out fragrance, vibrancy, and energy. The souks are a shopping paradise for tourists and locals to shop anything from spices, dresses, perfumes, fruits, handicrafts, etc. There are hundreds of stalls selling varieties of goods. But the most impressive among all is the ‘Gold Souk’ that will surprise you to the hilt. You can buy 22 and 24 carat gold in the stalls here. Of course, here too, the universal rule is applicable – haggling over price. If you are good at it, you may strike a decent bargain.

Visit the Desert
Frequent travelers to Dubai don’t need to be suggested to visit the desert. For the intoxication and the magic of the Arabian music, dance, and cuisine pull them to the desert. If you have been smitten by belly dance and the traditional hookah, you must visit the desert and camp there. Get the experience of being surrounded by immeasurable sand dune and enjoy the barbecue with wine, music, and Arabian sweets. You can take the desert trip by contacting any one of the tour operators. There are options to visit the desert by taking a camel ride or in a vehicle. Better if you enjoy the journey both the ways.

The Dubai Coffee Museum
If you are a coffee lover, then you must visit the Dubai Coffee Museum. This is a great place to enjoy roasted, brewed, aromatic and all kinds of coffee from across the world and get enlightened by knowing their origin and history. The wide range of coffee the Museum shop offers will make the selection very tough. There are also ancient utensils and grinders at display in the Museum that will amaze you to know the preparation of coffee in the olden days.

Enjoy the Kababs
A kabab is the quintessential dish of the Middle East countries. But the best place to enjoy it is Dubai. No menu of the city's food serving facilities is complete without this lip-smacking dish. While each restaurant and hotel has its own style of preparation and serving, you will enjoy kababs the most at the roadside eateries. The luscious, tasty, and juicy chicken and lamb pieces are so tantalizing that tourists never miss them. They are served with rice, yogurts, flat bread and green salad.


Don't just see the ultra-modern avatar of Dubai, enjoy its past buildings and activities as well. Head to the Bastakiya, a small neighborhood built by the traders of Iran in the 19th century. When the traders landed here, they first built quarters for their stay, followed by art galleries, and other commercial settings like cafes and boutique hotels. Though the municipality razed a few of the buildings, luckily others were restored with the trader's support. The Bastakiya will offer you a fantastic view of Emirati houses, shops, cafes, hotels, and wind towers. A tour here is like walking into the past of the city of Dubai.

Hop on the abra
If taking an expensive cruise is not in your budget, you can still enjoy the Dubai Creek with the help of abra, an Arabic word for a boat. The abra is a small motorized boat and is the best, cheapest, and fastest mode of transportation. Enjoy the ride and see how the captains of the boats maneuver the water taxis and avoid collisions with others. With savings, the beautiful sight next to the Creek is free of cost.

The Palm Islands
When you have a vision for development, nothing can stop you. This is what Sheikh Mohammed has proven it. It was his vision to provide the city a source of earning completely free of the oil exports. That is when the idea of creating an island took the shape. And with two decades of relentless efforts and shelling out thousands of dollars, Dubai has created a beautiful island in the shape of a palm tree with 17 fonds. The beautiful island is flanked by ski resorts, fancy cafes, glittering beaches. The city has three man-made islands regarded as the Eight Wonders of the World.

Juneirah Mosque
While entry for non-Muslims are banned in many mosques, the Jumeirah Mosque is the only one that allows people of other religions and faith. However, the rules of the Mosque have to be followed. It is one of the beautiful and recognized landmarks in Dubai. The mosque is built with white stone in the medieval Fatimid style. A large dome at the center of the mosque with two towering minarets completes the decorative quotient. The lighting at the dusk adds to its aesthetic appeal.

XVA Gallery
They say artists can see the world from a different perspective that is beyond imagination of common people. If you want to explore the world of artists, their imagination, and impeccable creativity, you must visit XVA gallery. The gallery will introduce you to the world of contemporary art that is not restricted to any one particular region, but in fact, crosses all the borders. It features art works of emerging and established artists from different countries, allowing you to enjoy different perspective and creativity all in one place.

All these places are must visit for first-time travelers to Dubai. Besides, for newcomers, we would also recommend experiencing dinner on Dhow Cruise. This leisurely cruise will offer you a novel experience, whether you are looking for a romantic dinner or quality family time. The infinity charm of the city and mouthwatering dishes served by the cruise will linger in your minds for years and years. Cruising and dinning while basking in the beauty of the gilded city will make your trip unforgettable. If you want to experience the Arabian Sea in a unique way, don't miss the cruise.


Dubai land of prosperity riches. I was really overwhelmed by the works here.


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