Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Goa Leaving Aside The Beach Parties

If you can’t think of anything beyond the beach rave parties when you think of Goa, get ready to change your mind this time you visit the state. The party capital of the country summer and winter, this article talks about the 5 fun things you can indulge yourself in this time to visit the party capital of India.

For all those have been to Goa earlier, you will be aware that the place is packed with the most exciting activities to do that one cannot explore it all in one visit. You will also have realized that there is so much more to do in Goa other than just its beaches and nightlife. In the event that you are planning a trip to this world renowned holiday destination, start planning and book your tickets from now on as the peak seasons see a surge in price and you may not even get a ticket on your desired date. You can base your online search as Mumbai to Goa lowest airfare and you will be provided with the list of the cheapest flights. Mentioned below are the most fun things you can do in Goa, leaving aside the beach parties.

Go canyoning 

An exceptionally enterprise driven and adrenaline pumping activity, canyoning is one of the amazing things to do in Goa for the adrenaline junkies seeking some thrilling fun. This activity requires the participants to trek through the backwoods, and going up to a spot where one has to jump into the streams of a gushing waterfall. This activity requires one to be a brave heart and is not a sport for the weak hearted. Proper precautions are taken and need to be taken while performing this stunt.


One of the most thrilling experience, this is one adrenaline pumped activity you should definitely try your hand at during your visit to Goa. You can fly and float in the air sailing in the win getting the whole view of the place or you could simply be bridled onto the back of a speedboat by a rope with a parachute hanging in your back and surge forward in the same momentum as the speedboat.

Visit Goa's famous spice plantations

Indian cuisine is known for the wide range of spice it uses in its cooking. A lot of tje premium spices were used, planted and left behind by the portuguese, which is one reason Goa is a major producer of spice in India. You can stroll through the crisp and fragrant ranches and take in more about how distinctive flavors are developed. You get a first hand experience into the plantation, gathering (cultivating) and processing of the spices.

Try every type of watersports

One of the most fun things to do in Goa is undoubtedly getting involved in watersports. The beautiful shorelines here are impeccably suited for various water sports from as simple to as swimming or surfing, to exciting parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving and water bike.

Street markets

Among the prominent shorelines, Anjuna is the place numerous vacationers head to. One of the agreeable things to do in Goa is visit the Anjuna flea market. From vivid garbage gems to electronic machines, anything under the sun can be found here. This market, like most of the other street markets in Goa is held weekly. Another major attraction is the weekly saturday night bazaar.

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