Why visiting Dubai should be on your bucket list of 2016

Dubai is not just any city in the map of the world, it has too many credentials making it a privileged city to visit. The largest emirate of UAE and the biggest tourist destination of the Middle East, Dubai takes you by surprise at every step. It is a city that grew up from its humble Bedouin village roots to first, the most powerful oil exporter in the world and now to the world’s biggest entertainment hub; and all of it in a surprising span of just a century.

But there are so many beautiful destinations to visit in the world, what makes Dubai so special, and why should you definitely visit Dubai this year? Because Dubai brings you the biggest, the largest and the best of the world attractions, all at one place blended with exceptional hospitality and utmost safety.

Dubai should be on your bucket list of 2016 because:

·         It has the tallest man made structure on earth- Burj Khalifa

One of the most celebrated buildings of the world, Dubai opened Burj Khalifa in the year 2010 and since then it has been one of the best known structures of the world. It houses various plush offices, hotel, restaurants and residences of the who’s who of the world. It also has  an observation deck on its 144th floor that allows the visitors to see the world below for around 30 minutes. Seeing the glittering skyline of Dubai from this far above is beyond expression.

·         It has some of the biggest and the greatest malls in the world

Shopping and Dubai are almost synonymous. What makes the shopping scene in Dubai even more greater is the fact that you have access to some of the world’s biggest malls here. The Dubai Mall is a shining jewel of Dubai with 1200 shops, 120 cafes and restaurants and 22 cinema screens inside it. The Mall of Emirates is termed as the third largest mall in the world with an entire indoor ski world inside it.
Dubai also boasts of the world’s biggest themed mall- Ibn Battuta Mall. The mall is based on the theme of six country exploration of the legendary Arab explorer Ibn Battuta. These six sections are intricately designed and reflects the best of the six countries.

·         It has the world’s biggest themed water fountain- The Dubai Fountain

You might have seen many dancing fountains in the world, but nothing comes even close to the vastness and beauty of the Dubai fountain. This mighty fountain is located on a giant 30 acres manmade Burj Khalifa lake. Designed by WET design, it is illuminated by a colossal collection of 6600 LED lights and 25 projectors. The fountain shoots water up to a height of 500ft (roughly a height of a 45 storey building). The fountain dances to a tune of various Arabic and world music.

·         It has the world’s largest suspended acrylic aquarium- Dubai Aquarium

Located on the ground floor of the Dubai mall, the Dubai aquarium is the largest suspended acrylic aquarium in the world. It is a 10-million-liter water tank that houses over 33000 aquatic animal including rays and sand tiger sharks. The aquarium installed on the ground floor, rises up to the height of the the 3rd floor of the mall and boasts of 140 different species of exotic marine life. 

·         It has the world’s biggest natural flower garden- The Miracle garden

Dubai has made yet another jaw dropping construction by building the world’s biggest natural flower garden in the desert city. With over 45 million flowers grown and decorated in various shapes, designs and sizes; the Miracle garden of Dubai is one of the most sought after places to see in Dubai.

·         It has the world’s biggest man-made island- The Palm Jumeirah islands

Dubai took the world by surprise when it built an entire man-made island in the shape of a palm tree with a crescent on the top. The island is so big that it is visible even from space. It houses various luxury resorts, hotels, malls and plush residences of the best names in the world. This is the smallest of the three such planned manmade islands of Dubai. The Palm Jebel Ali and Diera islands are still under construction and the Palm Jumeirah island is the smallest of the 3 man-made island project.

·         It offers one of the world’s best desert safaris- Dubai desert safari

Dubai boasts of one of the best deserts in the Middle East and the world, and the Dubai desert safari is a renowned name worldwide. The desert safari tour in Dubai offer various services including dune bashing in a 4x4, quad biking, exclusive photography, overnight camping, dinner with entertainment, shopping for souvenirs and even pick up and drop service. With the Dubai desert safari, you can explore the best of desert beauty.

·         It redefines luxury with the world’s most luxurious 7-star hotel- Burj Al Arab

Built on a man-made island on the Arabian sea, Burj Al Arab is an unmissable sail shaped luxury 7-star hotel that ranks as the 3rd tallest in the world.  It is one of the most expensive hotels in the world to stay in with its suites ranging from $15000 to $28000. The building is so huge that it takes 1 full month with a feat of 19 people to clean the entire building. Burj Al Arab is also considered as an icon to the unparalleled development of Dubai. 

Dubai has uncountable reasons of being in your bucket list of 2016. The food scene of Dubai also gives you irresistible reasons to visit it. Come here to see the amalgamation of various cultures clearly visible in its food and also to taste the rare delicacy of the camel burger. Come to Dubai for amazing preservation of the Bastakiya quarters, mirror to the humble village life of Dubai.

Dubai beckons you for the perfect union of sun, sand, sea and snow, like nowhere else in the world.


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Dubai you beauty! Such a wonderful place it is to spend your vacation. The wonderful sightseeing and museums are just worth watching


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