Divine Ice Cream Stations in Bangalore

In India, the winters accompany sensitive breeze and a chill recognizable all around, yet the summers arrive like a hot ocean storm, reliably in a bursting stream and blazing everyone's mind, body and soul. To keep the mind cool, and your temper in control, the best place to escape to is an Ice Cream parlour. Despite the fact that Bangalore gloats of a rosy weather consistently, who minds a scoop, or two, of frozen belgian chocolate dessert? So leave everything that you're doing right now, and meet the ice cream stars of the city of Bangalore.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, rather than waiting for a good company, why not pamper your taste buds, in your own company? You always have an easy access to cabs in Bangalore, so book one and head out to one of the following ice cream station to give your eyes and tongue that “twirl” of bliss!

Thanco's Natural Ice Cream

This one's known as one of the best makers of desserts that are produced from fresh organic fruits, and a great deal of adoration. Not only are these fresh fruit ice creams delectable, but also come in some mark assortments. So if you are willing to try the wonderful flavors, without having to browse through their menu, simply go for their famous variations of chikoo, sitaphal (custard apple), delicate coconut, and fig. 

Berry'd Alive 

A treat corner that is quick grabbing pace in Bangalore is the Berry'd Alive. They serve frozen yogurts and cakes, as well as different treats that could have been the creation of only some gifted gourmet masters. Their treats are intriguing and this is your optimal destination when you need a 5 star experience for just ice creams. The Chocolate Caramel Tart is an unquestionable requirement attempt here. The first spoon of this in your mouth is an Eureka moment. The chocolate on top of the caramel layer, stacked on a tart with the chillness from the vanilla ice cream makes your eyes and tongue twirl in happiness.

Happy Endings

Happy Endings is a chocolate haven! As the name suggests, the vibe here is empowering for a chocolate lover and a comfort food for any person experiencing some blues! Their graffiti wall has cool quotes like 'Save the Earth'. It's the only planet with Chocolate'; '7 days without chocolate makes one weak'. They have phenomenal birthday cakes like the German Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Charlotte. The top desserts that will add to your perplexity of what to pick are the Mississippi mud cake and the chocolate marquise served in tall shot glasses.

Art of Delight

The Art of Delight is a complete treat for people with a sweet-tooth. The place has a decent sitting arrangement and an engaging feeling. The best part is one can pick and customize particular sorts of sundaes. One should not miss the cheesecakes and sundaes. It is one of the best places to visit around Bangalore if you are seeking for some comfort food with chill vibes.

Cream Stone

Cream Stone has overpowered Bangalore’s dessert and ice cream scene, with a significant number of joints opening up for the same. The place has a pretty, pink theme and is splendid. Everything around the spot is pink including the uniform of the staff! It is a spot where they put scoops of ice cream on a stone table and beat it vigorously. The goodies range from anything like fresh fruit products, chocolate chips, brownies, natural items, chocolate sauce, sprinklers etc.

So instead of going all touristy visiting the mainstream tourist spots in Bangalore, this summer, beat the heat, or make the most out of a pink, blushing, romantic evening by visiting the city’s famous ice cream spots. Have fun!

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