4 Charming Destinations In Grenada To Visit With A Valid Passport!

Also known as the “Spice Island” for its peculiar yet attractive fragrance of different spices the moment you land on the island, Grenada is located in the far south of the Caribbean. To the northeast of the mainland, you’ll find two quieter and smaller islands of Petite Martinique and Carriacou. For ultimate adventurers, the island offers authentic Caribbean experience that’s a perfect blend of local culture, rainforests, lavish mountains, beaches and plantation.

The capital city of St. George’s is the prettiest in entire Caribbean and popular with yachters, anchoring in the Carenage; a busy harbour. Most of the tourists spend time wandering on the Grande Anse Beach that offers more than just the golden sands. The hiking trails treading through the dense rainforest is worth exploring with magnificent waterfalls gushing in the island’s interior. There’s more to see than meets the eye and only way to do it is with a valid Grenada passport.

The Grand Anse Beach

Bordered by coconut palms and sea grapes, Grand Anse beach is among the most beautiful and prominent beaches in Grenada. Most of the boutique resorts and restaurants are lined along the shore where visitors usually flock around, discovering the calm surf and golden sands. Water shades range from turquoise to cobalt whereas the water is perfect for swimming.
       St. George’s

Among the prettiest towns in all the Caribbean, the capital city of St. George’s boasts a horseshoe-shaped harbour with volcanic hills in the backdrop. The city is colourful and popular with yachters docking in the harbour of Carenage. Buildings are made of stones and bricks with red tiled roofs where local sells crafts and spices.

Fort George is one of the main attractions built by the French in early 18th century with promising view of the entire capital city. The Grenada National Museum is lodged amongst the French barracks from the 1705 and a former prison. It offers an assortment of relics that includes artefacts from the Carib and Arawak, exhibiting beautifully on sugar mills and old industries.

Fort Frederick

To the top of the Richmond Hill, as you reach the end of hairpin turn lie the Fort Frederick! From here, you can dive in the beautiful view of the city, the residential territories and the shining sea. The very construction of the fort dates back to 1779 with the French but completed by the British in 1791.
It’s dubbed as the “backwards facing fort” due to the cannons facing inland rather than towards the sea. This is a construction strategy of the French who feared ground assault from the enemy and indeed, a successful strategy against the British forces. The fort was later occupied by the Grenadian military after its initial abandonment in the 1850.

      The Carenage

If you’re looking for a place to wander along the beachfront, witness dockside activities and browse through the shops, Carenage is the perfect spot being a major anchorage and inner harbour. The wooden yachts are loaded and unloaded here allowing visitors to mingle with the locals, learn about the culture and dine in one of many restaurants serving fresh seafood.


If you happen to have a valid Grenada passport, do visit the above places or apply for passport today.


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