Red Fort And ParantheWaliGali: A Packaged Combination For Delhi Tourists

When you have a day after the gold rush in the metropolitan city like Delhi, you eventually seek some time in solace. But would not that be unjustified with what you have gotten as a holiday? Well, it will be.

So, without thinking a bit of what should you choose from- a stay at home or Delhi one day trip, choose the later one. You will really have a good time with historical treasure and culinary taste, which the city has.

In fact, to have the best experience, you must start from Red Fort. This is the pride of Delhi and a significant historical building, which is well preserved to take you to Mughal Era.

To give you a refreshing meal of the day after the visit of the fort, ParantheWaliGali welcomes you with sizzles and noises of cutlery.

A Day Trip To Red Fort And Paranthe Wali Gali

Since our childhood days, we have read about this historical monument in our books (if you are an Indian). But it has never been so clear like you would see, once you are in front of it. It is beautiful and well preserved with its historical grace all kept intact. 

About The Red Fort

The Red Fort has a great importance in Indian history, as it shows the might of Mughal Dynasty and Imperial Hindustan. It is a Mughal Architecture bearing the Red Sandstones of one of their kinds, which remained the residence of the Mughal Emperor until 1857.

The Construction Of Red Fort

Red Fort was the idea of Shahjahan, the fifth emperor of the Mughal Reign. He constructed this fort in 1648 and made it the palace for it Shahjahanabad capital. This construction of Shahjahan was much planned and organized than the Agra Fort. Moreover, it took nine years to get completed.

Description Of The Fort:

If we have to describe the design of the fort, the basic architecture, then it is in the shape of an irregular octagon with two main gates. One of the gates is Lahori Gate and other is Delhi Gate.
Further, the fort has premises like the Diwan-i-Am (used by the emperor to address the locals), Diwan-i-khas (used by the emperor to address the private meets), and Tasbih-Khana (a sacred place for praying and counting beads). As these made the important parts of the day-to-day life of the emperor, there was another part known as the Hammam. This was the place for the emperor to bathe.
Other distinguished places that the Fort has are:
  •    Water Gate
  •        Chatta chowk
  •        NaubatKhana
  •        Nahr-i-Bihisht
  •         Mumtaz Mahal
  •         Khas Mahal
  •        Baoli
  •        Moti Masjid
  •        Hira Mahal
  •        Hayat Bakhsh Bagh

Tips To Count On:
  •       Timing for the visit is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm every day
  •        On Fridays, there is no entry fee. 

     End The Trip At ParantheWaliGali

Once your Red Fort trip is complete, and your tummy growls for yummy calories, ask any Rickshaw puller to take you to the ParantheWaliGali. He will leave you right there at the narrow aisle.
So, to give a tasty ending the trip, come here and eat with the family. Best places to eat are-
  • Pt. KanhaiyalalDurgaprasad Dixit
  • Pt DayanandShivcharan
  • Pt BaburamDevidayalParanthewale

Do you like this plan? I bet you are already craving for it. So, either you should take one of the tour packages Delhi or plan yours. Just get in here and enjoy the trip.


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