Train Journeys: Reasons You Should Must Go for Them!

There are always reasons why one should do this or that. Talking about traveling, there are many reasons that one should travel by train in India. Railways are an amazing mode of transportation in India. It encompasses almost all the areas of the country and that too without draining your budget. You can go to a place that too without spending a huge amount. Similarly, trains are much more comfortable than ever before.

Whenever you are to go to any place, you either go by car, bus, train or plane. But most of the people, when asked, they say they love to go by train. Of course, it is something that can make anyone feels perplexed. Especially the younger people today think it tedious to go by train. Well, in the presence of different train features like Indian train inquiry, ticket inquiry, PNR and all; train journeys are worth considering. If you are one of the individuals, who think train journeys would be boring, then you need to have a look at the following points.

Making friends
If you are lucky enough, you might make a good friend on train. When you travel by train, you are surrounded by passengers of all age groups. Of course, you are not supposed to talk about your personal or confidential life, but you can at least have a word about the random things, right? You can talk about different cultures, regions, ideologies, celebrities and public figures. Sometimes, amidst these talks, you end up making friends. You may initiate a friendship and who knows down the lane that person turns out to be your closest friend? After all, everyone who is in your friend circle was a stranger before. So, you should not be hesitant to talk to people on the train.

Observing behaviors
If you love to observe things and behaviors, then train journeys are perfect for you. You can come across plenty of people with their myriad of behaviors. There are people who have an interesting way of talking, expressing, and behaving. In a train compartment, you would find different sides of human behavior. You would find those sitting quietly on the window seats; you would come across the ones who have been talking continuously since they have boarded the train, and then, there are those who are simply buried in their devices. Come on, this type of variety can’t be available elsewhere. If you go on to listen to people and their talks while you are on a train, you would never stay bored on your journey. After all, it is all about your entertainment and learning. You just not get amused, but also learn about the different ways in which people react, respond, and talk. You get to know about different characters bundled in the same compartment.

Thus, the point is that train journeys are not just about taking you to your desired places, these are much more than. Train journeys are always enlightening, amusing, and comfortable. It is all about how you take a journey and make of it.


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